Corporate Profile

  • Next generation medical device platform

  • Broad hemostat pipeline already developed to service multiple large markets in excess of $7B and growing

  • Platform has already yielded 1st FDA cleared product

  • Capitally efficient capabilities in place for developing other hi-margin products

  • Low cost of manufacturing and distribution coupled with safety and efficacy makes gel-e a very attractive alternative to the standard-of-care

gel-e Life Sciences has developed an advanced wound care platform designed to be used across a broad spectrum of clinical and non-clinical settings. Using a proprietary molecular w/modified natural biopolymer, gel-e’s patented approach provides rapid mechanical hemostasis in a clean, safe healing environment.

The inert, abundant, naturally harvested components that constitute gel-e’s product line provide for low cost manufacturing and distribution. gel-e’s technology platform is also extremely functional after a clot has formed through use of Reverse gel-e™, a simple innovative de-clotting agent under development designed specifically to reverse the strong bonds created by gel-e’s product line.

Recent Milestones

  • FDA clearance of Vascular gel-e

  • Issuance of 5th US patent

  • Publication of 6th peer-reviewed article

  • Supplemental Phase 2 grant from National Science Foundation

Our first product, Vascular gel-e™ has been cleared by the FDA* for vascular access procedures. Up next are chronic wound dressings, surgical gels and even over-the-counter products, each of which can be integrated into $2B+ markets.


*K143466 (Previously HemogripPatch)


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