Gel-E joins VAGA in merger!

Gel-E, the medical news and health industry reporting site, has joined VAGA. The reporting team from Gel-E will now write for and publish on exclusively.

The move brings together teams with decades of experience in the fields of mental health, nootropics, and medical innovation. By combining these teams, VAGA hopes to be able to improve the quality of their research and content production in all areas from cognitive enhancement and biohacking to medical technology news and therapy development.

GEL-E began as a biotechnology company developing an advanced wound healing platform capable of being used across varied clinical and non-clinical settings. The company grew into a mature biotechnology company and a leading source of medical industry news.

According to Brian Johnson, Editor of, the move is the latest in a string of acquisitons by the VAGA brand. He said: “Working with GEL-E is a really exciting development and will allow us to produce informative content on many moe areas of the biohacking world. Their expertise in the medical industry is extensive and that will show in what we are able to produce.”

Learn more about the merger from this page:

Here are some of the most recent posts published by VAGA:


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