gel-e quickly stops bleeds using an inert, self-assembling biopolymer... now cleared by the FDA for multiple applications*

gel-e's technology is a revolutionary platform for developing advanced wound treatment and hemostatic (bleeding management) materials. gel-e is designed to create rapid coagulation with biological safety, iseasy-to-use, is highly durable, and has inherent anti-microbial properties. The primary advantage of our product line is the superior combination of rapid blood-material interaction resulting in robust barrier formation. gel-e products are engineered to be used across a broad spectrum of clinical settings, ranging from routine lacerations, nosebleeds, traumatic injuries, surgical bleeds, burns and even diabetic ulcers. All of these products are manufactured using a simple and scalable modified biopolymer material.

gel-e is made from a combination of safe ingredients. The first is a polysaccharide currently sourced, in abundance, from natural resources. Although the company routinely modifies many biopolymers, this polysaccaride is a unique natural material that is (a) mucoadhesive, (b) anti-microbial, (c) biocompatible, and (d) highly durable. As such, it is a superior starting ingredient for creating wound treatment products. We combine polysaccarides in a proprietary fashion with natural plant-based fatty acids to create hydrophobically-modified (hm) polysaccharides. These modified polysaccharides, form the gel-e matrix, which is able to rapidly self-assemble into robust physical seals designed to stop bleeding, completely independent of the body’s clotting cascade.

The inert, abundant, naturally harvested components that constitute gel-e's product line provide for highly scalable manufacturing. 

Rx: Indicated for use, under the direction of a healthcare professional, in the management of bleeding wounds such as vascular access sites and percutaneous catheters or tubes. Not yet commercially available.

Rx: Indicated for Management for the management of moderately to heavily exuding chronic wounds and acute wounds. Under medical supervision, may be used for management of: (1) pressure sores, (2) diabetic ulcers, (3) leg ulcers, (4) donor sites and graft sites, (5) surgical wounds, (6) skin abrasions and lacerations, (7) 1st and 2nd degree burns, (8) trauma wounds.
OTC: Indicated for management of: (1) minor cuts, (2) minor scalds and 1st degree burns, (3) abrasions (4) lacerations. Not yet commercially available

OTC: Indicated for local management of bleeding such as laceration and minor bleeding. Not yet commercially available